9.May, 3:30-6:pm, behind Bart's and the RR bridge. There were 6 people working the bank when I got there. As I was unloading my tackle from the car, one guy walked away with a decent size shad, after setting up bankside and getting a couple of casts in, one of the guys to my left landed a nice roe, and right after that, a guy near the bridge to my right landed a decent buck; both were C&R. Shad seemed to come through about every 45 minutes and 1 or 2 were caught, and most released. About 5:30 pm, after watching pretty much everyone else get 1 or 2, I finally got my turn in. I had a solid hookset on a fair to middlin' shad, it was hooked in the side of the mouth at an awkward angle, and it fought outside it's weight class. It gave me 3 good runs before I got it to the net, and I released it after our Kodak moment. A couple more shad were caught to make it 8 observed for the 2.5 hours I was there. All in all, it was a very good day.

The water was about at the same level as it was on Thursday, and fairly clear with only a little flotsam. There was a decent current, which improved as the afternoon wore on, and the surface temp was 59 F.

Terminal tackle: 3/4 oz drail over 3' of 8# flouro, and hammered silver willows in blue/chartreuse w/black dot, safety green w/black dot, and the "reverse ladybug" (white w/several orange dots). The ladybug brought my vitamin shad to the net.

Depending on how much rain we get, and how dirty the river is, I may give Bissell a shot tomorrow after work. Otherwise, Bart's has been treating us pretty well the past week or so, and it won't trouble me to go back there. Tight lines!

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