19.May, 11:am-1:50 pm, the Wall. The water was down a bit more, decent current, clear and very little junk floating by. My brother drove up from Christmas-town, PA this morning, so of course I took him fishing for the day. We've been trying to get together for shad for a few years, and this year worked out. There were only 3 regulars working the wall, including Radio, and only Rod reported catching one earlier. We fished, well mostly took casting practice for an hour or so, until Bill showed up, and whispered a couple in. One of the regulars caught a decent roe, and a while later, Bill C & R one small buck at the far right of the wall. By 1:45 I was getting hangry, so my brother and I went and grabbed a bite.

2:30-6:15 pm, Ferry Park at Rocky Hill. There were only 2 regulars working the docks, one of whom hailed us across the parking lot with a thumbs up; he had two on his stringer. A couple of hours later, a bunch of other regulars showed up. As did the shad, mostly for everybody else. About a dozen were landed in the last couple of hours, with most released safely. I did manage to get my one-a-day before retiring. My brother managed a few alewives, and a dink schoolie, but the shad spurned him. We'll be out tomorrow morning to try again. Tight lines!

Terminal tackle: 1 oz drail over 3' *# flouro, and hammered silver leaves: candy corn, Jamaican, and chartruese/blue w black dot.

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