11.May, 4:25-6:20 pm, RR bridge behind Bart's. The water was about the same level as yesterday, fairly clear, with a lot of maple seeds, and oak flowers, but not as much lumber floating past. The current was good, but not as strong as yesterday. I didn't bother with a surface temp today.

Three regulars were working the bank when I arrived, and gave reports of scattered shad, and a few alewives making an appearance. Dylan had a hard hit, and a good fight with a few runs for good measure before landing a nice fat roe. She measured about 21" long, and weighed 3.8#. Unfortunately she was gill hooked and bleeding out. He didn't want her, and offered her to me. Thank you Dylan, I vacuum sealed the fillets, and egg sacks for some good eats.

A couple of more regulars came by to join us, including a young guy who has been putting in his time. Dylan wound up catching two more roes over the next hour and a half, both had released their eggs and were spent. They looked like long, lean bucks, but their vents were dead giveaways. One was released unharmed, but unfortunately the other was gill hooked. One of the guys who joined us landed a roe bigger than Dylan's. He didn't weigh it but it was obviously longer, and fatter; we guessed over 4#. After that, the alewives stormed the place.

Terminal tackle: 3/4 oz drail over a shorter 2'-2.5' 8# flouro leader (there wasn't much room in my back cast where I was standing on the rocks). Willows in hammered silver: reverse ladybug, orange/chartreuse w/black dot, Yellow w/black dot, and a hammered copper in red/white w/black dot. Evidently I didn't set the table right today, as other than a few short strikes, probably by alewives, I got no fish today, except for the gift.

Tight lines!

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