6.May, 4:30-6:pm, behind Bart's and the RR Bridge.
On arrival similar situation as yesterday afternoon. The water was up a good 18", and surprisingly clear, with a good current. A few regulars were working the bank, Dylan and Bill C had caught a half dozen or eight between them, and Bill had almost a limit on his stringer. He keeps most of the bucks, and releases the roes unless their bleeding; a good man. They were catching alewives on almost every cast, it was hard to get down to the shad through them. I soon found out the alewives were in thick today. A few more regulars joined us by 5:pm, and another 6 or so shad were caught and most released, except for two bleeders. I continued to catch alewives, and they hit on every cast, sometimes just mouthing the weight or nipping at the willow for a couple of tugs before dropping them. I didn't get my vitamin shad, but at least I didn't get entirely skunked. C'est la vive, c'est la guerre.

Terminal tackle, same as yesterday, willows in hammered silver Jamaican, and one in Chartruese and Blue, w/black dot.

I have a MFO (mandatory family obligation) tomorrow after work, and won't make it out again til Saturday. In the meantime, tight lines!

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