8:am-11:45 am, it was a beautiful morning at the Wall, I counted 16 people spread out along its length, and a just-netted shad as I set up. The water was clear, and a little lower, and the current was slower than it was yesterday, to be expected on an incoming tide. I started with the U/L, and by 10:30 am the current picked up a little, and a few more shad were caught, a couple way out in the river. With that I switched over to the med-heavy set up for the extra reach. All for naught, as I got little more than a few bumps, and one alewife to keep the skunk off. skunk But, the lawn beckoned for wanting a cut before the forecasted rain.

2:30-3:30 pm, after cutting the lawn, I headed over to Ferry Park in Rocky Hill, and saw that all the docks are in, and only one person, Bill C, was fishing from them. For such a beautiful day, I expected more people. I guess they were too busy cutting their lawns. I had a solid hook set on my first cast, a great way to get started. It immediately ran deep, and for Glastonbury, stripping line from the U/L. I turned its head, and gained some line, and then it ran deep, stripped line, trying for Hartford. After working its head around again, it made a shorter run for deep water, but I gained enough line to get a look at a nice fat roe. When she saw the dock, she made a final run up the river, turning under the dock. I fought to keep her from going into the pilings, but horsing its head around under the dock was our un-doing. She was gone. But what a great five minutes!

Other than a few bumps, and short hits, I got nothing else. A few other regulars trickled in, and they all caught at least one before I had to go cook supper, my domestic duties not yet finished for the day.

Things are looking promising for next week. A good soaking rain on Sunday, followed by some nice, warm days.

Terminal tackle: 1 oz-1.5 oz drail, over 3'-4' of 8# flouro, and a variety of willows in hammered silver, copper, and gold. The roe went for hammered silver in blue/white w/black dot.

Tight lines!

George Darrell ...

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