Thanks for the update. I am glad to see you enjoying the last few shad of the run. Its funny how there are a few that hang around like a bad smell, way after you would expect them gone. I guess I will leave a shad set up in the boat for at least another week.

I plan to target underutilized species this year because if few people are chasing them, they should be easier to catch. Last year, When I launched at Barber Street(under 291) I focused exclusively on small mouth which is fine when they are hitting. On almost every trip, I saw "double digit" cats and carp that looked like bronze beer kegs with fins. I am not a fish snob, and even if I was, catching "double digit" cats and huge carp on light gear has to be a hoot. Do you or your buddies chase cats and carp? Any plans to? Bill Lanese (Sinker Bill) is supposed to show me the ropes soon. I will report results as they happen.

Tight Lines