4.May, 4:30-6:30 pm, above the RR bridge behind Bart's.
On arrival there were at least 8 fishing the bank, including forum member Andy C. It was good to see you Andy, it's been a long time since I saw you last May! Over the course of the afternoon, a few more people came by, including Bill C who reported some success earlier in the day at the Wall in Cromwell, and Radio.

The water was dark, with a lot of debris floating by, but there was some current, unlike last night when I stopped by and it looked like a pond. It looks like the water had fallen a little from yesterday, in spite of the overnight rain. That probably had more to do with the tide, I suspect. I saw about a half dozen shad fought, only one lost, one kept, and the rest released in the two hours I was there. I had a few bumps, and one tug, but only managed a minnow, and an alewife to keep the skunk off.

We'll see what tomorrow brings. If the rain isn't too heavy, and as long as they keep the electricity turned off if it does shower, I plan on giving the Farm'y another shot.

Terminal tackle: 3/4 oz drail over 2.5'-3' 8# flouro leader, and willows in smooth silver w/orange & chartreuse w/red dot, hammered silver in chartreuse/blue w/white dot, and Jamaican.

Tight lines!

George Darrell ...

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