20.May, 8:15 am-11:45 am, Ferry Park at Rocky Hill. My brother and I had the place to ourselves. We opted for the half day trip so we could meet up in North central Mass with a couple of old friends from our college years. My brother managed a few alewives, and a yellow perch, but no shad. As for me? No fish today. Nada.

21.May, 8:am-11:30 am, the Wall at Cromwell. Another half day trip, as my brother had to head home for an early tee time on Saturday (today) morning. There were only two fishing the wall, and one was landing his 2nd shad as we arrived, and he prepared to head home. As yesterday, my brother C & R a few alewives, but no shad. About 10:30 am right after I touched bottom, I had a solid hit with 3-4 heavy head shakes, and then it was gone. Somehow it had broken my leader above the leaf. Maybe it was cut on a clam shell, who knows, but that was all the action anybody had until he had to head home.

On both days the water was clear, but not really moving, although the current started to slowly pick up about the time we left.

Terminal tackle: we had to drop down to 3/4 oz drails, and we threw the usual hardware.

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