29.April, ~4:30-6:30 pm, Ferry Park at RH.
On arrival 5 people were working the docks. Two regulars, a father and his son who allegedly hooked but lost a shad before I got there, and someone else soaking chunks or drowning worms. And there was one dinky little anorexic shad on a stringer, I had to look twice as at first glance I thought it was a large alewife. It was drizzling to start, but scattered showers punctuated the afternoon. At least it wasn't windy. The water was a little dirtier than yesterday, and the current was about the same.

About 5:pm, two more regulars showed up. There was no action until after 5:30 pm, when Miguel landed a middlin' buck, and then Peter had a good tussle with a decent shad on the fisherman's dock. Without a net he really struggled to control it over and around the lawyer rails, and eventually he dragged it around to where he could beach it. By 6:pm the rain had picked up, and become steady. With no more action, I headed home to get my supper. No Fish Today.

I don't think I'm even going to try tomorrow, the forecast is not looking good. Actually, it looks pretty Sh*tty to be honest. Maybe Saturday, maybe...

Terminal tackle: 5/8 oz drail over 3' 8# flouro leader and a hammered silver Jamaican, and a reverse lady bug.

Tight lines!

George Darrell ...

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